Carnival Cruise Drink Package

Carnival Cruise Drink Package 2024

Carnival Cruise is famous for its remarkable adventures. It has enjoyable activities, special dining, and wonderful destinations. If anything of this cruise line can attract your eye that is Carnival Cruise drink package. You need to know the details of this package, its pricing, and potential promotions Before your cruise. It helps you to understand the situation. In this article, you will learn everything you need about the Carnival Cruise drink package, including tips, pricing, and common issues like glitches.

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Carnival Cruise Drink Package

What is the Carnival Cruise Drink Package?

The Carnival Cruise drink bundle is also known as Cheers! The Drink Package is a full drink plan that allows cruisers to purchase multiple drinks at a fixed daily fee. This package includes a selection of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. This makes it a convenient choice for individuals who intend to indulge on their cruise.

Key Features of the Cheers! Beverage Program

  • Alcoholic Beverages: The package contains a variety of drinks, spirits, beer, and wine served by the glass. Cruisers are allowed to drink up to 15 alcoholic beverages in 24 hours.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages: It features limitless sodas, drinks, special coffees, water bottles, and many kinds of energy drinks.
  • Discounts on Bottled Wine: Cruisers can save 25% on wine and champagne bottles.

Carnival Cruise Drink Package Price

The most frequently asked question is, “How much is a drink package on a Carnival Cruise?” 

The price of the Cheers is depending on the cruise itinerary and the time of booking. As of the latest information, the price is approximate:


Pre-Cruise Purchase: $59.95 per person, per day (plus an 18% gratuity).

Onboard Purchase: $64.95 per person, per day (plus an 18% gratuity).


You can save money and get ready to start enjoying your drinks as soon as you embark by purchasing the drink package in advance of your cruise.

Soft Drink Package Carnival Cruise

Carnival Cruise offers the Bottomless Bubbles package for non-alcoholic beverages. This package includes unlimited soda and juice throughout your cruise. The pricing for the Bottomless Bubbles package is:


Adults: $8.50 per day (plus an 18% gratuity).

Children: $5.95 per day (plus an 18% gratuity).


This package is ideal for families along with individuals who like soft drinks and juice.

Carnival Cruise Drink Package

Carnival Cruise Drink Package Promo Code

If you have promotional codes for the Carnival Cruise line, you can get a discount on drink packages. These promo codes are available during special sales events or as part of a cruise booking promotion. You need to stay updated with this cruise line if you want it. You can subscribe to Carnival’s newsletter or follow them on social media.

Common Issues: Carnival Cruise Drink Package Glitch

There are occasional glitches with Carnival Cruise drink packages, where guests may experience problems getting the package acknowledged on board. If you encounter this, follow these procedures to fix the issue:


  • Check Your Purchase Confirmation: Make sure you have a copy of the receipt for the drink package.
  • Guest Desk: you need to show your booking details at the Guest Services desk on the ship.
  • Contact Carnival Customer Service: If the situation persists, contact Carnival’s customer care for assistance.

Is the Carnival Cruise Drink Package Worth It?

Here are some factors that can help you decide whether the Carnival Cruise Drink Package is good or bad:


  • Daily Beverage Consumption: If you want to drink both alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic drinks every day, you can get savings.
  • Convenience: Your drinking package is always ready to drink. It can help you to enjoy your cruise without worrying about the cost of each beverage.
  • Special Occasions:  When celebrating a special occasion, the regular package is bigger with an extra layer of enjoyment and indulgence.

Tips for Maximizing Your Drink Package

  • Advance Purchase: You can save money by purchasing the drink bundle before your cruise. It is needed to ensure that you are ready to begin enjoying your drinks immediately.
  • Limits: If you consume alcohol responsibly, you should be aware of the 15-drink limit.
  • Try new drinks: Familiarize yourself with the new beverages and drinks that you would not have previously ordered.
  • Stay Hydrated: Remember to stay hydrated throughout the day, especially if you’re consuming alcohol.
Carnival Cruise Drink Package

Breakdown of Beverage Options

The beverage of your package from the Carnival Cruise drink package is always available. Here’s a detail about it:


Alcoholic Beverages


  • Cocktails: Cocktails start from classic margaritas to exotic tropical drinks, the package includes a wide variety of cocktails. If you prefer something strong or a light fruity mix, there’s something for everyone.
  • Spirits:  The package of spirits can cover a broad selection of spirits, including vodka, rum, gin, whiskey, and tequila. You can enjoy these straight or as part of your favorite mixed drinks.
  • Beer: It is a great opportunity for you to buy both domestic and imported beers. If you want to enjoy lagers, ales, or stouts, you need to find out.
  • Wine by the Glass: You can try many kinds of red, white, and sparkling wines by the glass. This is ideal for folks who can pair their meals with great wine.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

  • Sodas: You can get an unlimited amount of sodas if you want and a refreshing drink is available at any time of the day.
  • Mocktails: Non-alcoholic are offer a fun way to enjoy the flavors without the alcohol.
  • Specialty Coffees: The special coffee Package includes Espresso-based drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos, it is ideal for coffee lovers.
  • Bottled Water: Staying hydrated is essential, and having access to unlimited bottled water is a great convenience.
  • Energy Drinks: If you need a quick boost don’t forget to test energy drinks which are included in the package.

Exploring the Value

You have another option to justify the Carnival Cruise drink package as a good deal, it’s helpful to compare the cost of the package with the typical prices of drinks onboard.

. Here’s a rough breakdown:


  • Cocktails: $10-$12 each
  • Spirits and Mixed Drinks: $7-$10 each
  • Beer: $6-$8 each
  • Wine by the Glass: $8-$14 each
  • Sodas and Mocktails: $3-$5 each
  • Specialty Coffees: $4-$6 each
  • Bottled Water: $2-$3 each
  • Energy Drinks: $4-$6 each


If you intend to drink several alcoholic beverages, a couple of specialty coffees, and some bottled water every day, the expense can rapidly add up. For example, consuming three cocktails, two beers, one specialty coffee, and a couple of bottles of water might easily cost more than $60 per day. In such cases, the Cheers! The Beverage Program offers significant savings and convenience.

Special Considerations for Families

The Bottomless Bubbles package is an excellent choice for your family. Kids can get sodas and juices. It is ensuring that they always have a refreshing beverage on hand. This package may be a low-cost solution for lowering the beverage consumption of younger family members.

Carnival’s Approach to Responsible Drinking

Carnival Cruise Line is committed to encouraging alcohol consumption in moderation. This commitment includes a 15-drink restriction on alcoholic beverages, which helps to ensure that visitors enjoy their drinks responsibly. Bartenders and personnel are also trained to recognize overindulgence and when to reject service.

How to Purchase the Drink Package

The purchase of a Carnival Cruise drink package is straightforward. Here’s  it:


  • Pre-Cruise Purchase: Log in to your Carnival account on the website and navigate to the “Manage My Booking” area. You can include the cheers! From there, 


  • Onboard Purchase: If you prefer to wait, you can purchase the package once you embark on the ship. The procedure is simply, to visit one of their bars or guest services to sign up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I share my drink package with someone?

A: No. The drink package is non-transferable. Sharing drinks is not permitted.


Q: Are there any restrictions on the types of drinks included?

A: Yes, the package does not cover drinks over $20.


Q: What if I have dietary restrictions or specific beverage preferences?

A: Carnival offers a variety of options to cater to different dietary needs and preferences. If you have specific requirements, it’s a good idea to inform the staff.


Q: Can I cancel the drink package if I change my mind?

A: If you purchased the package pre-cruise, you can cancel it before the cruise begins for a full refund. Once on board, cancellations are not permitted.  

Final discussion about the Carnival Cruise Drink Package

The Carnival Cruise is popular for its drink package. It increases the enjoyment of the cruiser’s vacation experience. The Cheers! The Beverage Program offers convenience and enjoyment on cruises, with pricing and common issues addressed for an informed decision.


If you plan your next Carnival Cruise, consider the benefits of the drink package and how it can enhance your overall experience. Cheers to a fantastic cruise adventure!

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