Carnival Cruise Luggage Size

Carnival Cruise Luggage Size & Weight Restrictions: Everything You Need to Know

Carnival Cruise Luggage size and weight restriction is an exciting topic for a fresher. Embarking On a Carnival Cruise is another level of  Adventure. I first tested this experience in 2022. It was not my first cruise so I had no worries. But, I saw many people who were very worried about their luggage before going to the checking. They had no idea about carrying luggage on a Carnival Cruise. I saw the look of disgust on their faces.


Are you gearing up for an unforgettable voyage with Carnival Cruise Line? Before you set sail, you must understand the luggage size and weight restrictions to ensure a smooth embarkation process. This article will give you a clear concept of Carnival Cruise luggage size and weight restrictions. Here we go,

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Carnival Cruise Luggage Size

The Carnival Cruise Luggage Limit

There are not many rules on luggage. You can take luggage as you want but you have to make sure that the weight of the bag does not exceed 70 pounds. Besides it another major factor is size. Your luggage should fit for x-ray scanning. Carnival Cruise published an ideal size of luggage on its official website. They set the size and weight limits of 140cm x 60cm x 40cm and 70lb/32kg. It was not checked hard in the port. You have a chance to overpack. If you overpack please give a bonus to the porters.

Luggage Rules of Carnival Cruise:

1. Amount Of Luggage

If you going for a 3/5/7 day tour then Carnival Cruise suggests you bring one luggage for one person and not more than two pieces of luggage for each person. It is a suggestion from them but you can carry luggage as much as you want, there are no official limits on luggage at the carnival cruise. 

It will bother you on the long cruise if you carry more than two luggage. You need to pack all of your items in two luggage and feel free. If you need packing suggestions for your 1st cruise,

amount of luggage

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Most of the People stored their luggage under the. If you feel tired of taking out the luggage again and again then you put out your useable thing and store it into the wardrobe. Ensure the cleanliness of the wardrobe first then store your items, otherwise, dust will make your dress dirty and may cause your irritation.

2. Weight Of Luggage

It’s no restrictions on the amount of luggage but Carnival Cruise has a restriction on the weight of luggage. Your luggage couldn’t cross the weight of 70 pounds. If you have a healthy amount of items for packing, then it’s need to buy the preferable luggage and baggage for the cruise. And whatever You can’t want to destroy your excitement in the matter of luggage.  

There are various kinds of luggage available in the market, so you can choose the right one for you. I think two pieces of luggage and one under-arms bag or two pieces of luggage and a bag pack is enough for your cruise. If you want to get an idea of luggage and baggage,


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If your checked luggage exceeds the weight limit, you may incur additional charges, so it’s crucial to pack  wisely and distribute weight evenly between your bags. Although overweight luggage should allowed at the last you don’t cross it as an active person.

1. Size Of Luggage

You need to complete security protocol in every cruise line/airline for embarkation. Like others, Carnival Cruise has a security procedure. You need to scan your luggage with an X-ray scanning machine. If your luggage is bigger than 16 inches high and 24 inches wide its body will not go into the machine. So when you buy luggage, explain this to the seller. Still, if you are in doubt then you need to measure manually. 

Size Of Luggage

Here is the measuring procedure for luggage:

  • Lay the bag flat
  • measure the height from bottom to top
  • measure the width from left to right
  • The longest measurement (length) is not required
  • Make sure to include any wheels or handles
  • Make sure the height is less than 16 inches, the width is less than 24 inches

Fix Your Luggage Tag

A luggage tag is a small, often durable, piece of material attached to luggage, typically used for identification purposes. It usually contains information such as the owner’s name, address, and contact details, making it easier to reunite lost luggage with its owner. Luggage tags come in various forms, including paper tags provided by airlines or cruise lines, as well as more durable options like plastic or metal tags that can be personalized. These tags are usually attached to luggage handles or straps using a secure fastening mechanism, such as a buckle, loop, or adhesive backing.


After completion of all checking procedures, you will get your online documents and personalized luggage tag. You will easily those at You need to print all your luggage tags at home. Remine it’s Black and white version, don’t need to print in colors.


You must attach the luggage tag to your luggage before arriving at the port. If it is short of your demand, don’t worry, Porter has a bit of collection. If your cabin number is wrong according to your tag then portes will collect the right one with the cabin number.

Let’s Answer Frequently Asked Questions About Carnival Cruise Luggage Size:

1.Can I carry my Luggage?

Can I carry my Luggage

The answer is yes. You have an opportunity to carry your luggage on a cruise. But it is a duty of a porter, so give him a chance to carry luggage and get some tips.

 Note: If you reach the port less than two hours ago you cannot get luggage services you must carry your luggage.


2.How much is given to the porter as a tips?

If the weight crosses 70 pounds give him some extra money,

3.How much time need to get my luggage in my cabin?

It takes 30 minutes or more to get your luggage into your cabin. Time depends on security procedure completion.

By familiarizing yourself with Carnival Cruise Line’s luggage size and weight restrictions, you can streamline the embarkation process and focus on enjoying your vacation to the fullest. Happy cruising!

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