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20 Best Cruise Luggage and Packing Accessories.

Cruise luggage is very difficult to choose . Looking to purchase new luggage, carry-on luggage, or extra luggage for your next cruise? 2024 is a great time to upgrade your luggage and put it in new packaging.


In this article, I will show you some of the most popular luggage items for use on the boat. I’ll also include some accessories that will take your boat organization to the next level!

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What luggage should you bring to your boat?

Cruise line are not very strict on the amount of luggage you can carry, but each traveler is encouraged to bring no more than 2 suitcases weighing no more than 50 pounds each. 1 box per person is enough for a 7-night trip. On the day of departure, you must bring a hand luggage with you in addition to your luggage.


 Here are my top tips for the luggage, suitcases, and accessories you’ll want to take with you on your cruise vacation.

Cruise Luggage

1. Luggage with 4 wheels - Hard Shell

If you’re going on a cruise, it’s important to have luggage that’s easy to maneuver, whether it’s at the airport or on a cruise ship.

This Samsonite hard shell box is equipped with a circle and offers excellent value for money. These heavy backpacks are available in different sizes, colors and different pack combinations. You may need one of these, and it’s in this large, expandable bag.

2. 4 Wheel Luggage - Luggage for Sale

If you like soft luggage on your boat, we love the Samsonite Universal Luggage Set. With a comfortable and lightweight design, expandable suitcases are a good choice for courtesy and value.

3. Wheeled Duffel Bag (Extra Large)

An alternative to traditional luggage is the large wheeled duffel bag. These large duffel bags are especially popular with families and people heading to cruise ports.

This duffel bag features a handle and comfortable shoulder strap for easy portability (also available in 3 sizes)

4. Hand luggage

You must bring your hand luggage with you on the day you board the plane. Since it will take a few hours for your luggage to reach your home, your luggage should be packed with important and valuable items on the first day.

If you are racing, you may even want to go to the light and move.

Cruise Luggage

5. Garment Bag

This garment bag is perfect for packing clothes on a cruise and is an Amazon bestseller. To avoid wrinkles in your sailing clothes, use the right jeans for your dresses and cocktail dresses.Even if we have the pockets mentioned above, it should be carried with a shoulder strap. A simple way is this pocket with wheels and hands.

6.Weekend Bag

Use carry-on luggage or luggage for a 3-4 night trip – you’ll love it!The sea holiday bag is not only cute but also so practical that you can use it on holiday or even while staying at the hotel before heading out to sea. Great value for money (in fact, no one will know about it, it also makes a good cruise gift!)If you like this, there are also many men’s versions available, so you can get it. The perfect holiday bag for him and her.

Cruise Luggage


Backpack is a very important part of sailing whether you are starting or going on a shore excursion!

These backpacks are waterproof and perfect – not too big, not too small.

8.Beach Bag

This large bag is perfect for going to the beach. We have this bag and to our surprise, it contains 3-4 large towels, sunscreen, a water bottle and all the beach supplies we brought with us on our trip.

9.Toiletries Bag

This toiletry bag is large and can carry all the toiletries you need on your boat.

10.Sling Cosmetic/Toiletry Bag

This cosmetic bag is the perfect size for carrying makeup, makeup, and other toiletries on a cruise ship. A hanging makeup bag is important and this one is both beautiful and practical (I have one too).

11.Men's Toiletry Bag

This cleverly designed bag easily fits all the toiletries a man will need on board. There’s room for a razor and more! 13. Bagsmart Jewelry Storage Travel Bag.

This storage bag is perfect for organizing your jewelry for a road trip. It has space for rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. This beautiful design, also by Bagsmart, will be a great addition to your make-up bag (see above).

12.Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes are one of the best ways to organize your sailing gear and clothing. It’s a good idea to buy 2 sets in different colors, especially if you’re going with many people. I loved packing the boxes and found them to be very useful during our last stay on the boat!

13.Compression Packing Cubes

These compression packing cubes hold more of your clothes than regular packing boxes. Although I like its packaging and design, its compression capacity is very low.

I will try the zipper oven on my next boat and will report back. By the way, you can read the good reviews on Amazon (the good ones are good).

14.Stow-N-Go Luggage Organizer/Packing Box

The Stow-N-Go Travel Luggage Organizer is one of Amazon’s newest travel luggage organizers with built-in shelves and storage, and can be hung when you arrive at your location . getting on a boat. It saves space because you don’t have to open the package!

15.Underarm carry bag

This is the best carry bag for flying to sailing on departure day.

16 Shore Excursion Bag 

When sailing, it is best to carry a zippered bag to use as a shore excursion bag. I love this nautical stripe purse or tote and it pairs perfectly with the weekend bag above.

17.Dinner Bag Clutch Bag for Women

The dinner bag is perfect for a night out or out when you don’t need a purse or purse on the boat. A black, gold or silver clutch can be worn with almost any cocktail dress or evening dress.This is another style that I like and I think you will like it too. A bag is perfect if you’re traveling during the holidays or New Year’s.

18.Neck Clip

Use the neck clip to keep your passport, documents and money safe on the plane and during travel.

19.Luggage Travel Scale

If you are going to be flying after your trip, having a luggage travel scale can be a great travel accessory.

Cruise Luggage

20.Luggage Tags

Last but not least, if you haven’t purchased a luggage tag yet, do so. These plastic bags are reusable, saving time on any boat.

Story – I asked the Good Cruised Facebook community who uses and recommends plastic handbags. 90% of crew members said yes, citing them as essential in sailing

Final Thoughts about Cruise Luggage and Packing Accessories

Staying together and packing for your cruise will help you have a stress-free vacation. In this article, I share more than 20 must-have boating supplies and accessories. We hope some of these will be useful to you as you prepare for your next trip.

What luggage, packing or organizing items do you find most useful when traveling on a boat?

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