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Space Savvy Sailing: Storage Tips for Small Cruise Ship Cabins

Cruise ship cabin size may not impress you. The size of the cabin varies depending on the size of the ship. Once, my sister and her whole family went on a cruise. They filled up three pieces of luggage to carry their clothes and other belongings. The ship’s wardrobes were not very big. So she couldn’t store their items properly. She didn’t know about the space of a cruise ship or how to store belongings on a ship. As a result, she had to suffer. After coming from the cruise she told me all the things and gave a tips before embarking on a cruise. Here we go,

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Cruise Ship Cabin

If you embark on a cruise ship, you might be taken aback by the modest size of most cabins. Despite their coziness, they can accommodate a surprising amount. Whether sharing a stateroom with your partner, kids, or friends, these strategies will assist you in maximizing storage in compact cruise ship cabins. If you’re staying in one of the suites, feel free to skip this post. However, if you’re among the majority on board, these cabin organization hacks will come in handy. Here are 12 methods to efficiently organize your cabin and optimize storage:

1. Store Items in Packing Cubes

Packing cubes serve as more than just containers for your belongings. It helps you to discover more spaces. Packing cubes are both in regular and compressed sizes. They offer an organizational system that efficiently stores everyone’s clothing, even in the smallest cabins. Assign each family member a set of packing cubes in different colors to keep things organized. Packing cubes are both in regular and compressed sizes. It helps you to discover more spaces.

2. Shoe Organizer Over-the-Door

Instead of using it for shoes, repurpose an over-the-door shoe organizer with multiple pockets to store various items. Hang it on the bathroom door or wall to create vertical storage without occupying much space. Another useful place to store your shoes is under your bed. Sweating in your shoes can make a bad smell. Here’s another disadvantage of it. Which can make your stay in the cabin miserable.

3. Portable Storage Containers

portable storage

For larger groups sharing a room, extra storage is essential. Invest in collapsible storage boxes to keep items like flip-flops and sneakers organized in one designated space. Their lightweight design ensures they don’t add much bulk to your luggage.


Moreover, these containers offer a sense of security, ensuring that passengers’ belongings remain safe and protected throughout the journey. Equipped with robust locking mechanisms and monitored by onboard security personnel, the containers provide peace of mind to travelers worried about theft or loss of their possessions.

4. Hanging Travel Shelves Packing Organizer

To provide more space for storing clothing, shoes, or personal belongings in the room, install a packing organizer with moveable hanging shelves.  Travelers can separate different types of clothing and accessories, making it easier to locate items without rummaging through a messy suitcase. This level of organization not only saves time but also reduces the likelihood of wrinkles or damage to delicate garments.

Moreover, hanging travel shelves promote accessibility and visibility. Unlike packing cubes or traditional luggage organizers, which often require items to be stacked on top of each other, these shelves allow travelers to see everything at a glance. This makes it simple to find what you need without having to unpack and repack your entire suitcase.

5. Add Extra Hooks to Walls


Adding extra hooks to walls on a cruise ship can significantly enhance the functionality and convenience of the cabin space for passengers. Whether it’s for hanging clothes, towels, or various personal items, additional hooks provide valuable storage solutions in an environment where space is often limited.


Older cruise ships may lack sufficient hooks for storage. Bring heavy-duty magnets or command hooks to hang clothing and other items in various areas of the cabin, such as near the entrance, on larger walls, near the balcony door, or in the bathroom.

6. Make Use of Under-Bed Storage

Make use of the often overlooked space under the bed to store luggage and keep it out of the way during the cruise. Check for any hidden drawers at the bed’s end and remember to do a thorough check for forgotten items before disembarking

7. Keep valuable items in locked-on carry-on luggage.

For storing valuable items like designer handbags and laptops securely, use carry-on luggage with a built-in combination lock. This ensures your valuables are kept organized and out of sight.

8. Double-Up Hangers

Double-Up Hangers represent a simple yet ingenious solution to the storage challenges faced by guests aboard cruise ships. By maximizing closet space, promoting organization, and supporting sustainability efforts, these innovative hangers enhance the onboard experience for travelers while offering practical benefits for cruise operators.


The benefits of Double-Up Hangers extend beyond their space-saving functionality. They also contribute to keeping cabins tidy and organized, enhancing the overall guest experience. By providing ample storage for clothing, guests can easily access their garments without having to rummage through a cluttered wardrobe, saving time and frustration.

9. Make Use of Upper Closet Spaces

Make use of the space available on top of the main closet for storing items like dress shoes or other less frequently used belongings. Don’t forget to make use of the cabin’s safe for valuable items such as jewelry, passports, or cash. By storing these items in the safe, you can free up additional space in the closet for other belongings, ensuring everything has its designated place.

10. Check for Tiny Storage Spaces

Explore your cabin for small storage areas behind mirrors or in awkward spaces next to closets. These spaces can be utilized for storing items like refillable water bottles or first aid supplies.

11. Prepare a Backpack or Beach Bag


Keep essentials like sunscreen and towel bands in a designated pool or beach bag for easy access when heading out for pool or beach activities. Swap these items for necessities like travel binoculars on Alaska cruises. If you need to know more about luggage and baggage,

Read: 20 Best Cruise Luggage and Packing Accessories.

12. Make Use of Ottoman Storage

Look for multi-functional furniture like ottomans or stools with hidden storage compartments in your stateroom. These can be used to store children’s toys, electronics, or other miscellaneous items.

Final Thoughts about Cruise Ship Cabins.

In conclusion, these tips will help you make the most of the limited storage space in a cruise ship cabin, ensuring a more organized and enjoyable experience. Feel free to share your cabin organization tips and tricks in the comments below.


Happy cruising!

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