Cruise from New York to Bahamas

The best way to Cruise from New York to Bahamas

Welcome to The Bahamas, the entrance to the island paradise. Enjoying a Bahama cruise brings you to an era where golden sands embrace turquoise waves and cultural richness fills every contact. These islands are tropical protected, with some of the world’s most magnificent beaches that combine relaxation and activity. 

The Bahamas has some unique features. The historic charm of Nassau and the natural wonders of Grand Bahama are incredible. Swimming, tanning, and cultural enrichment attract anyone’s eyes. On a cruise in the Bahamas, your journey is filled with paradise, tradition, and limitless adventure.

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Cruise from New York to Bahamas

Do you need a passport to cruise to the Bahamas

If you go overseas, on most occasions you need a valid passport to return, In cruising you get permission to enjoy your holiday without thinking about the paperwork. If you are a citizen of the US, you can take a “closed-loop cruise” (one that starts and ends at the same port) to The Bahamas without a passport. Instead, you’ll need to provide further proof of citizenship, such as a birth certificate or a government-issued photo ID.


There is a rule hanging against “closed-loop cruise”. If your ship needs maintenance and it will go for docking then your passport is required for entry. So discuss with your cruise line about this matter before on board.


Note:  If you have a valid passport, you can use it on your cruise as well. 

The Perfect Time for a Bahamas Cruise

The average temperature of the Bahamas during the summer is around 70-80°F (21-27°C) and the highest temperature recorded is 90°F (32 °C). The ideal time for cruising is starting from mid-December to the mid of April. When excessive hits are generated, everyone is tired of seeing the rough face of the sun. At that time the natural beauty and the culture of the Bahamas will cool your eyes and mind. On the other hand, cool wind from the sea surface makes your body relaxed. Try to make your cruise vacation in December.

The Time You Should Avoid Bahamas Cruise

It is important to leave at the start of June to the end of November for your cruise journey. Because the surface of the sea at this time became too rough. There are big waves here and there making more rolling and pitching which is suffering you a lot. Besides it is period of hurricane season in the Bahamas. If you go on a cruise at this time you will fall into a storm. Your life is more important than your cruise. So ensure the time when hurricane chances are rare.

Best Thing to do in Bahamas Cruise

Tour of Bahamas stocking island

The three-mile island known as Stocking Island is incredibly long and thin. You won’t want to miss the resorts and stunning beaches that are located there; they are close to Georgetown. Taking a boat from Elizabeth Harbor is the simplest way to reach the island. The stunning white sand found on Stocking Island’s beaches is what makes them so famous. Some of the greatest places to dive to view underwater caverns and coral reefs are from these beaches. There are Stromatolites for visitors to find on the island. One of the oldest fossils in the world is this one!


Note: Make sure to schedule your visit to Stocking Island carefully because you might easily spend the entire day there!

Pig Beach

pig beach

Big Major Cay is found exactly next to Pig Beach in the Bahamas. It’s well-known among both locals and tourists since, appropriately enough, it’s home to wild pigs! There is roughly a mile of beach. Taking a boat or aircraft is the most convenient method to get to Pig Beach, but you may also arrange tours to take you there. The pigs are yours to swim and cuddle with directly on the beach, but remember to take common-sense measures and treat them with respect, since this is their home.


Note: It would take almost 1 hour to visit the whole area of pig beach.

Nassau Straw Market

Nassau Straw Market

The expansive Nassau Straw Market is a sort of flea market where you can find anything from quirky straw crafts manufactured by local artisans to interesting trinkets you’ll want to bring home. The market was first used by the villagers in the 1940s. Following World War II, visitors to the Bahamas became aware of the market, and the indigenous handicrafts that were on sale there quickly gained popularity. While there are a few other marketplaces in the Bahamas, none is quite as well-known as the Nassau Straw Market. Don’t stop, visit all the stalls and boost up your account of experience.

The Wyannie Malone Historical Museum

The Wyannie Malone Historical Museum

There are exhibits and artifacts from Hope Town in the Wyannie Malone Historical Museum. If someone is from the area and would like to learn more about their lineage, there is also a large archive available. Located inside a historic 19th-century cottage lies the museum itself. It bears the founder of Hope Town’s name. For those who are interested in learning about history, this is the ideal spot to visit, no matter what age.


Note: The museum is usually closed on weekends.

Fort Fincastle

Fort Fincastle is another historical place in the Bahamas. It is located in Nassau. It was built as a fortress to protect the island from possible pirates who wanted to invade.  Though the area of Fort Fincastle is a little small, there are lots of things hidden to know if you want. Locally it is known as Viscount Fincastle. You get a guide to visit here daily.

Have some fun at Aquaventure

Aquavaenture is a large theme park situated on Paradise Island that’s also part of the Atlantis. It contains the world’s best swimming pools and a small river for your relaxation. The whole family will love this theme park. If you’re visiting the Bahamas during the warmer months, going to the water park is a terrific way to cool off. Make sure you come here for at least an entire day!

How long is a cruise from New York to Bahamas

There are various types of Bahamas cruises. Such as,

  •  3 day cruise to bahamas from new york
  •  4 day cruise from new york to bahamas
  •  5 day cruise from new york to bahamas
  • 7 day bahamas cruise from new york
  • 9 day cruise from new york to bahamas

Also, there is an option of night cruises. Such as,

  • 5 night  cruise to bahamas from new york
  • 7 night  cruise to bahamas from new york
  • 9 night  cruise to bahamas from new york
  • 14 night  cruise to bahamas from new york



Ship to cruise

A cruise line is one of the major factors for an enjoyable cruise life. In my 7 years of cruise life, I have availed more than 10 cruise lines in different countries. So if you cruise from New York to the Bahamas I will suggest the cruise line below,


        1. MSC cruises from New York to Bahamas

  1. royal Caribbean cruise from New York to Bahamas
  2. Norwegian cruises from New York to Bahamas

Final Discussion About Cruise from New York to Bahamas

I think you are learning many things by reading this article. Cruise carefully if you are a fresher and should be active in every matter. If you want to learn basic to advanced things about cruises visit my site properly.

Bon Voyage!

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