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21 Things to Do in Grand Cayman Cruise Port

It’s likely that you will be making a day stop in Georgetown, Grand Cayman, if you are sailing the Caribbean.

You’re fortunate!

  1. It’s fantastic
  2. Grand Cayman offers a variety of unique and fantastic activities.

Before we discuss the top trips and things to do in the Cayman Islands, allow me to share some information with you so you know what to anticipate if you come by cruise ship.

Grand Cayman harbors tenderness. This implies that you won’t pull up to a wharf or pier and start “parking.” Rather, cruise ships are required to anchor in designated areas just outside of Grand Cayman’s capital, Georgetown.

Even though plans Currently, cruise passengers can anticipate a 10-15 minute tender voyage from ship to port while a large cruise ship pier is being built.

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grand cayman cruise port

Grand Cayman Cruise Port

You will arrive at one of the three cruise terminals in Grand Cayman when your tender boat drops you off. All of them are, nevertheless, within easy walking distance of Georgetown, the major town.


If you have a scheduled excursion, either through the ship or another tour operator, you can meet it when you get to the port area. Please follow any instructions or directions from your trip operator regarding the meeting location.

The currency of Grand Cayman

Although US dollars are cheerfully and freely accepted, the official currency of the Cayman Islands is the Cayman Island Dollar.

Anticipations for Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman’s banking and tourist sectors have made it one of the Caribbean’s wealthiest islands. There are many wonderful things to do, see, and purchase in and around Georgetown, and the area is tidy, safe, and easy to navigate. Our observations have shown that the locals take great pleasure in sharing knowledge about their stunning island and are amiable and truly helpful.


Once you’re beyond the port area, you have a few options for what to do. You can go shopping or take a tour of the town. You can get to the beach via van shuttles and taxis, and these are some of the most stunning beaches in the Caribbean. If you are going on an excursion by yourself in any port, spend some time researching and selecting a trustworthy supplier or tour operator.

These are a few of the top activities in Grand Cayman, particularly if you're traveling by cruise.

When arriving in Grand Cayman via cruise ship, your time on land will typically be from approximately 9 to 4 p.m. When you account for lining up and returning to your ship with a tender, the day’s timeliness is rather constrained. Cruisers must therefore be extremely mindful of time when organizing their days and activities in Grand Cayman.

Things to Do Alone in Grand Cayman:

1. Visit Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach is not only easily accessible on your own, but it’s also one of Grand Cayman’s free attractions. Grand Cayman has public beaches that are quite lovely. It’s a beach lover’s paradise with soft, powdery sand and the purest emerald waters.


One major benefit is that Seven Mile Beach is among the beaches nearest to the cruise port. Just outside the cruise terminal, you can catch a cab or shuttle for a few dollars to get to Seven Mile Beach. If you choose to take the public transportation route, there are also several available.

2. Grand Cayman's Georgetown Walking Tour

Georgetown’s charming streets make for a lovely stroll. This is a pleasant, walkable port of call if you’re in the mood for a leisurely day of browsing and strolling. The main town is located directly outside the cruise terminal. You’ll get to take in the views in addition to window shopping or purchasing some mementos.


Advice: Get a local map from the small tourist shops near the pier, and you’ll be led through the main streets to see replica canons, lovely fountains, and vibrant cultural murals.

Activities for Families in Grand Cayman

3. Turtle Center in Cayman

The Turtle Farm and Wildlife Center, one of the most well-liked family attractions in Grand Cayman, provides engaging interactions, informative talks, and more. The opportunity to observe a crocodile feed and the touch tanks with turtles are huge hits with kids! In addition to media presentations and displays, families, and children can enjoy a water play area featuring a miniature waterslide.

4. Super Cayman Dolphin Discovery

Depending on your budget, Dolphin Discovery offers a range of experiences for families who want to swim or interact with dolphins. By cab, you can get to the center independently or as part of a cruise ship excursion. Because of its popularity, reservations should be made in advance to ensure a spot.

5. At Seven Mile Beach, water sports

One of the most enjoyable, affordable, and simple things for a family visiting Grand Cayman on a cruise is to head to the beach. Conveniently located, Seven Mile Beach is widely regarded as one of the most exquisite beaches in the Caribbean.

There are several different water activities accessible at Seven Mile Beach, such as jet skis and banana boat excursions. My kids and I have gone banana boating, and it’s been a lot of fun. All things considered, it’s also one of the least expensive things we’ve done while on a cruise.


The Best Grand Cayman Beaches

6. The Seven Mile Beach

It is reported that Seven Mile Beach is a little over five and a half miles in length. Here’s a fun little fact about Grand Cayman for you. There is enough to do at this lovely beach, which is near the port. To get there, take an affordable cab, shuttle, or public bus. It’s a good idea to drop someone off near Royal Palms.


Note: Grand Cayman’s busiest beach is still really lovely, but be advised that it’s not the most private or tranquil spot on the island.

7. The Beach at Rum Point

Rum Point is a beautiful beach on the North Coast that sees significantly fewer visitors than Seven Mile Beach, situated approximately fifty minutes from the cruise port on the North Coast. You can visit the relatively renowned Wreck Bar, which is credited with creating the mudslide, while you’re there.

Advice: If you have any traffic returning to port at the end of the day, travel back to the ship with a little extra time to spare.

8. The Cove of Smith

This beach, which is a local favorite, is very remarkable because of its beautiful rock formations. The lengthy, sandy Seven Mile Beach stands in stark contrast to it. The best way to get there is by taxi; it takes around 15 minutes from the Georgetown cruise terminal.

9. Sandbar in Stingray City

If you could only do one cruise excursion, you should visit Stingray City Sandbar in Grand Cayman. You’ll be rewarded with amazing memories and the most amazing pictures from your voyage! It’s hard for me to control my excitement. This is one of our favorite Caribbean shore excursions and is genuinely unique to Grand Cayman.

You’ll be traveling to a shallow beach (three to four feet) by boat in approximately thirty minutes, and during that time, you’ll observe stingrays swimming everywhere. After learning a little bit about them, you’ll see that they’re kind and secure. You are even able to touch and use a stingray kiss to “pat” them and snap a picture of them. We had the finest day, despite my slight fear!


It should be noted that when multiple cruise ships are docked, this well-liked cruise excursion might grow congested. Pick a different snorkeling trip if you would rather avoid crowds.

10. Snorkeling in Stingray City

Stingray City Snorkeling is a great option if you want to snorkel with stingrays in somewhat deeper water with fewer people. You can reserve a range of boats and catamarans through the cruise line or through a nearby tour operator.

11. Barrier Reef Snorkeling

Numerous snorkeling cruises are available that will take you along the barrier reef, where you may observe a wide variety of fish, coral, and marine life.

12. Using the Seven Mile Beach to snorkel

Shipwrecks can be seen during snorkeling tours off Seven Mile Beach. Other Grand Cayman snorkeling locations include Barrier Reef, Stingray City, Rum Point, and others. Consult the cruise line shore excursion bureau or with reliable local suppliers.

13. Glass-bottom Boat

Glass-bottom boat trips give you the choice to remain on the boat or to go diving or snorkeling. If you have family members who would like not to jump in the water right away and others who do, this is a terrific outing for them. Depending on the tour, you may see shipwrecks, tropical fish, and marine life while sitting comfortably. Considering some of the available boat alternatives, glass-bottom boat trips have advanced significantly over the years. Many now provide brand-new, contemporary boats with incredibly cozy seats.


Whether you book through your cruise line or a local tour operator, it’s a good idea to conduct some homework on vendors beforehand.

14. The Submarine Expedition Atlantis

An unparalleled approach to see Grand Cayman’s marine biodiversity. This true submarine descends approximately 100 feet to allow visitors to observe a variety of fish and marine life. Space on this tour tends to be limited, so it’s definitely a tour to book in advance.


Advice: According to some reports, you might want to wear a Sea-band or take a little Bonine to prevent motion sickness because the submarine is bobbing a little.

15. Grand Cayman Islands' Town of Hell

Indeed, this is a true phenomenon. You may claim to have visited Hell and back! I must now advise you that there isn’t much to see in Hell because the town is quite small. There are postcards issued from the village of Hell, and Grand Cayman islands, and there are black/grey limestone rock formations. There is also a tourist-oriented post office. Additionally, you can get various t-shirts to show that you have. Nevertheless, it’s kind of fun for tourists if you’re on a sightseeing tour and this is included.

Activities related to Grand Cayman culture and history

16. Grand Cayman National Museum

Situated near Harbour Drive’s cruise terminal, this museum is set in a picture-perfect old government building from the 1800s. It features a number of exhibits that highlight the history and culture of Grand Cayman. If you don’t want to spend your day at the beach, you can have a great day learning about Grand Cayman’s past for a few hours. It receives excellent evaluations from people who are interested in learning about the history and culture of Grand Cayman, and while there is a small entrance price, it is undoubtedly less expensive than most other tours.

17. The National Historic Site of Pedro St James

Situated around 20 minutes from Georgtown’s cruise terminal, this meticulously restored 1800s Great House provides an insight into Grand Cayman’s past and culture. Visitors can explore the building, which is furnished with original period furniture and artifacts, and take in interactive and multimedia exhibits.

18. Cayman Islands National Gallery

If you’re staying local and in the Georgetown area, close to the Grand Cayman Cruise Port, this visual arts-focused art gallery is definitely worth a visit. Free admission is offered, and in addition to other changing exhibits, there’s a fantastic display of work by local artists.

19. Riding a horse on the shore

Reviews of this unusual trip are excellent. This horseback riding trip from West Bay Beach can be ideal for you if you enjoy horses and want to see Grand Cayman’s natural splendor.


20. Fishing in the deep sea

A quarter mile or less from shore are some excellent deep-sea fishing locations where the ocean drops to a depth of 2000 feet. There’s another massive drop to 20,000 feet not far from there. Fantastic deep-sea fishing is possible in these deep seas. Many boat charters provide an excellent option for those who would like to go deep-sea fishing.

21. The Margaritaville

I must bring up Margaritaville. It has the distinct advantage of always being a pleasant and enjoyable spot to grab a bite to eat and a refreshing drink (I really love the Mango Daiquiri), along with poolside entertainment. A small dance floor (maybe within a boxing ring?) and an outdoor pool with a tiny waterslide are there, along with a DJ. All of this is located on the building’s second floor, around three minutes’ walk from the Georgetown Cruise Port. You can take the kids or even just the grownups to this entertaining place.

Before returning to the cruise ship

Spend some time exploring Georgetown before you wait in line to return the tender to the ship. A short distance from the cruise port lies the Bayshore Mall, which is surrounded by upscale and lower-end jewelry stores, apparel stores, souvenir shops, and pirate-themed establishments. Excellent tax-free shopping is available on a variety of premium goods. This is the spot to shop if you’ve been seeking a luxury brand watch.

Some things you might want to bring back from Grand Cayman are upscale and luxuriant timepieces.

  • High-quality, name-brand jewelry
  • Caymanite, a semi-precious native stone, used to make jewelry
  • Coins from antique or imitation shipwrecks
  • Arts and Crafts
  • fiery sauce
  • Rum Tortuga
  • Cake with Tortuga Rum

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